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Glacier® Pro Plow Mount


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The Polaris® Sportsman® Plow Mount is the foundation of the Glacier® Pro plow system and it will work with your choice of ATV plow blades for the most efficient plowing. This mount installs securely on the frame of your Sportsman® ATV, and it can remain on the vehicle when a plow blade is not attached. When it’s time to plow, drive the four-wheeler up to the plow blade (sold separately) and the plow frame will quickly and automatically lock onto the Sportsman® Plow Mount. Raise the plow blade, and get busy plowing. The Sportsman® ATV must be equipped with a winch (sold separately) to lift the plow blade, or the ATV can be equipped with Polaris® accessories such as the Hydraulic Lift System and Hydraulic Angle System (each sold separately).

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Weight 28.60 lbs
Dimensions 25.00 × 21.00 × 9.50 in



Sportsman 450/570




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