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Our kit is the ONLY Complete solution to the RZR’s drivetrain issues & failures. Combined with our Gen3 patent pending carrier bearing, bullet proof driveline, billet motor mounts, chromoly motor mount tube, & front diff. race bearing kit this is the END ALL SOLUTION. * Corrects & cures all driveline angles, eliminates vibration & noise chatter * Driveline that is actually rated for the machine & 3 times stronger than OEM * Motor mounts that improve output shaft angle & eliminate excessive motor flex * Eliminates rattle can noise in the front diff. INCLUDES – DRIVELINE (FRONT AND REAR PHASED AND BALANCED), CARRIER BEARING (GEN3 WILL BE INSTALLED ON THE DRIVELINE), FRONT DIFF KIT WITH UPGRADED GEAR PIN, BILLET MOTOR MOUNT STANDS WITH KEVLAR INDUCED RUBBER, 4130 TIG WELDED MOTOR MOUNT TUBE, GREASE WHIP, RACER DRIVELINE COLLAR. Polaris RZR XP 1000 Upgraded Driveline (GEN3 Carrier Bearing is Required) – 2019 – 4 seat: Rated 3 times stronger than stock our upgraded driveline consists of larger U-joints, yokes, larger diameter shafts with double the wall thickness 0than the stock/OEM drivelines from Polaris. When you operate your RZR over 40 MPH you are exceeding what the driveline is rated for, our driveline was engineered for your machines capabilities & much much more. Make sure to check out our GEN3 carrier bearing it is needed with our upgraded driveline & corrects the driveline angle so it is a must have! Polaris RZR XP 1000 Carrier Bearing GEN3 – 2019: Sandcraft Motorsports has once again raised the bar! With over 1 year of testing we are proud to announce the brand new GEN3 carrier bearing. We have created and patented this new design to be a GREASABLE bearing while having 3 layers of protection to keep dirt, sand, mud, and water out. Our all new auto set angle & 2 piece design will lower installation time dramatically. Auto set angle has never been easier. It allows you to press the bearing onto the shaft and install with minimal effort. Polaris RZR XP 1000 Front Differential Race Bearing Kit – 2019: Check out our new RZR upgraded Race Bearing Kit for the NOISY front diffs. in the RZR 1000’s. Our kit includes specifically designed SKF race bearings, upgraded seals, & a billet proof 300m heat treated solid dowel pin. Don’t get caught up with a stock HOLLOW dowel pin failure…. these are a very common failure that leads to your front diff. to grenade. Polaris RZR XP 1000 Billet Motor Mount Kit & Front Diff Shim Kit: Sandcraft Motorsports billet motor mounts are the only solution for decreasing your rear output shaft angle. Our integrated designs help decrease the rear output shaft and operating angle, as well as decreases motor / transmission vibration with our new Kevlar infused bushings that are rated to absorb the constant load of the motor and torque when under load. It also increases the slip yoke ability within the spline shaft and allows for less stress transferred into the driveline & transmission’s the internal components. Polaris RZR XP 1000 Upgraded Chromoly Motor Mount Tube: Race proven design to strengthen the front of the motor. Reducing movement under high stress situations which leads to potential harmfull movement that can and will cause damage to your drivetrain. We added the top of the line materials with over double the wall thickness to ensure stability when under a load. Don’t be left in the dust with a broken motor or mount and potential frame damage and order one today! RZR 1000/1000s/900s (ONLY) Racer Driveline Collar: Our Patent Pending Racer Driveline Collar was designed for the extreme off-road riding conditions. With the stock driveline your vehicle is using a slip yoke at the rear transmission output shaft. The motor is rubber mounted which is loading the driveline while under aggressive driving conditions. ?The driveline is designed with a pressed fit bearing onto the stock carrier bearing shaft. In extreme conditions it will pull out and disable 4-wheel drive capabilities. Don’t let this happen to you, our racer driveline collar can be used with the stock carrier bearing but is HIGHLY recommended with our upgraded GEN2 carrier bearing.

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RZR XP1000



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