Custom Builds



The coveted "Shop Car' Build features something you'll almost never see on another Side by Side. A Taylor Schultz Designs paint job featuring Gold Leaf, Pin Stripe, and a clear coat so thick you'll never have to worry about how it holds up. But this build isn't just "pretty". It utilizes the strongest components on the market for one of the toughest 2019 Canam X3 Maverick Max Turbo R's you'll ever see. Take a look for yourself!


Are you ready to hit the Snow? Well tires aren't cutting it for you. Project "BlackWater" features Polaris OEM Tracks and Cab System. But we paired it up with Rigid Industries Dually Fog Lights for the front and rear, and a custom JL Audio Stereo system to make sure you don't stay quiet. Full Cab heater will keep you comfortable, and the front winch will save you in a bind. (literally). Take a look for yourself!



We have a motto around here and it's easy. We call it "Simple Series". There is no point in creating something so vividly over the top that it becomes difficult to maintain or use! "RedMax" is a prime example of a build that features the most important things.. Safety, Safety, and Safety! But it's no surprise it also comes with a beautiful new look too. These SDR Motorsports Roll cages, paired up with Simpson Seats are a timeless classic. Take a look for yourself!


When it comes to Racing Components. MotoExpo knows best. This "Mild" build up features a host of items that allow it to successfully run the Norra 250, 500, and 1000. With that kind of mileage under it's belt you know it's a runner. With enough run's this rig has tested everything on it for 5x as much abuse as most clients would see. Take a look for yourself!


Simple Series

Why overdo it? You don't need to break the bank when it comes to a unique build. Our "Simple Series" Packages will help you stay safe, look great, and build a unique vehicle to blow your friends away. Some milestones you'll want to achieve are Roll Cage, Doors, Wheels and Tires, and Seating! Take a look for yourself!

Stage 6 Max

Yeah, It's not often that a fully loaded Canam Maverick X3 Max would blow past you in the dunes. However when it's pushing an Evolution Powersports stage 6 big turbo kit and STM Powersports Clutching..You'll know why very quickly. The Sandcraft Destroyer paddle tires are allowing it Rocketship you into the next dune! Take a look for yourself!


star bread

There is an incredible story behind every unique client build. "Starbread" is maybe our favorite. We've built some amazing vehicles along the way but this Evolution Powersports Stage 6 big turbo kit and custom paint by Ray is something you'll see blasting by you in the Pismo Dunes. Take a look for yourself!

Trax Max

We wanted to know if it was possible to create a snow rig that would surpass all others. We went with the BRP Apache 360 Track system with an impressive laundry list of components including Shock Therapy springs, AZP Doors, and SDR Motorsports Cage with heated Simpson Seats. While we should of opted in on the windshield for this build, it's dual sport design will leave you open to run 32" Tires in the offseason. Take a look for yourself!


XMR Sand Max

When Canam made the new "XMR" Mud Edition we new we had to do something great with it. This color stands out BIG, and where else would you want to be than the dunes. These Fulerton Sand Sports paddles are mounted up to the color matched beadlock Method Race Wheels to make sure you're roosting with the Turbo RR Engine. The JL Audio M6 system in this is unlike any other.. Take a look for yourself!